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"I am an avid reader and just started the book today and I finished it tonight. It was one of those books that I couldn’t put down. Please check it out if you like to read a good book. An intriguing book. Looking forward to the next one!" ~ Nikki T

"This book kept me interested from start to finish. Before long, the introduction of main characters, area of action, questionable deaths as well as a slew of secrets kept me reading and being more than a bit surprised. The addition of hidden doors and rooms, danger and kidnaping, risk to life and limb, new secrets continued to the end (well, almost - the closing was a bit different as that is where the splash of romance took over). Another aspect that I thought was well done was the emotional impact of the secrets that were revealed and the fact that this can and does happen in everyday life. Hope you take the time to enjoy this read!"

~ Goodreads Reviewer

"This book had a very good story line. The plot had an awesome twist about a quarter of the way into it that I really did not see coming! I thought it ended well and was a great mystery. I would definitely read another book by Sheridan and H.M. This is my first book by this author team! The characters were very interesting and by the book's end, I felt like I knew them"

~ Goodreads Reviewer

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